PDR repair of vehicles prior to painting. DentVisionTeam offers denture repairs to the attention of car and diving technicians.

Why do we need it?

The main result of our work is saving time and materials in the process of preparing paint details. The main goal of our technology principle is to avoid or minimize putty details! It is this material, with the subsequent "percolations" of the paint in it, creating most problems in the preparation of the surfaces for the final manipulation. Automobile painters are well aware of how laborious and time-consuming these problems are. Not only does the job preparation take a long time, but usually the results are disappointing for customers.

It is advisable to call in advance in order to save time in our PDR center, which will save you unnecessary waiting for a free technician.

Through PDR technology

the use of putty can be reduced, which significantly improves the quality of the service. The damaged parts are restored to their original appearance, in a much shorter time. This painting repair is carried out on heavily damaged cars from hailstorms and parklands. In most cases, damage may be removed to 100%. However, it must be borne in mind that the damage from a hail may be very specific. Depending on the size of the ice, the strength and direction of the wind, and the duration of the impact on the vehicle, the damage will vary. In some cases, on one side of the vehicle the parts will be more injured and the other (leeward) less. In these cases the adequate professional approach is the only solution! Such a kind of uneven damage to a car imposes different approaches and methods of operation in their removal. This comprehensive service can be found at DentVisionTeam.

DentVisionTeam can also be a partner to any individual (private) client!

The service we offer is an adequate, fast and quality solution when removing hailstorms and parks! The most important thing about this service is that we will save you the tedious walking of different masters, the dissatisfaction with the result and the loss of even more time to repair the damage after repair!




Repair in our center. Mobile repair in a convenient place for the client
Your car will be reviewed and evaluated by our specialist technician.
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